Green Manifesto - 2015 Exhibition

Green Manifesto Exhibition

Green Manifesto' is an exhibition organised by the Bristol & Bath Branch of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Bristol Society of Architects.
To celebrate Bristol as the European Green Capital for 2015, the first UK city to win the award – this year’s exhibition will focus on the ‘Green Manifesto’. Bristol was chosen as the Green Capital because of environmental efforts that it has already undertaken and the pioneering attitude towards changing plans and future ideas for the city, including:
- Energy efficient city
- Changing travel patterns
- A resource-efficient city
- Quality of life
- Thriving green economy
The aim of the exhibition is to highlight how architects are embracing the green ethos. It could be how it is incorporated into the design and construction of the built environment, the impact on energy resources, or the impact on life style and use. Visual representation of the Green Manifesto can be in the form of concept sketches, initial design drawings, models, key construction details, massing studies, site analysis, photos etc.
Entries can be new build, refurbishment or speculative of any scale or budget. Submissions could be a single building or element of a project.
Pride of place within the exhibition will be awarded to the scheme that:
  1. Best communicates the Green Manifesto and representative of Bristol as the European Green Capital.
  2. Offer the most evocative images (awarded for a photo, drawing etc. of a particularly high standard).

Register your interest by Wednesday 6th May
The deadline for submissions is Friday 22nd May
Exhibition launch will be Monday 15th June at Benjamin Perry Boat House, more details will be issued closer to the time