Green Manifesto Exhibition

Opening Night

To celebrate Bristol as the European Green Capital for 2015, this photographic exhibition explores how architects use innovative ways to create sustainable environments and demonstrate their green ethos. The launch night on Monday 15th June at Benjamin Perry Boat House was well attended.

Thanks to all companies who submitted a variety of entries and ideas, these will be on the website shortly. The submissions demonstrated the talent and depth of sustainable knowledge and design skill that our local architects have.

Congratulations to Casa Architects for Judges Favourite aware for their submission 'Fabric First, Passively Served, Enriched Experience'
Commendation was awarded to Noma Architects for 'Swings and Roundabouts' and Hewitt Studios for 'SERCH - Severn Estuary Research Community Hub'.

Massive thank you to our very kind sponsors, 4D Lighting and Hobs Reprographics.

Following the opening night, the exhibition will be going on tour around numerous venues across the South West. Dates and venues to be confirmed.